This workshop has been postponed pending the passing of the Migration Amendment (Regulation of Migration Agents) Bill.

Migration Law for Legal Practitioners

Introduction to Migration Law

This session will:

  • review the key areas of practice:

    • Family migration

    • Skilled migration

    • Humanitarian migration

  • explain the current regulatory system of migration law practice and highlight current trends

  • discuss government and statutory bodies that assess migration applications including the:

    • Department of Home Affairs

    • Administrative Appeals Tribunal

    • Federal Court of Australia

1 Point in Substantive Law

Overview of Migration Legislation and Policy

This session will overview pertinent legislation and policy, including:

  • The Migration Act, 1958

  • The Migration Regulations, 1994

  • Federal legislative instruments

  • The Department of Home Affairs’ Policy Advice Manual

We will also offer an introduction to fundamental processes including:

  • A practical demonstration of how to navigate LEGENDcom, an electronic database of law and policy documents used by most migration professionals

  • Insight into the decision-making process of Department of Home Affairs’ case officers and, most critically, how internal processes and policies affect how the law is applied

1 Point in Substantive Law

Visas: Everything You Need to Know

An introduction to:

  • What visas are and how they operate

  • The various visa options available

  • How to check which visas your clients are eligible for

Examining the visa application process:

  • Making a valid application on behalf of your client

  • Fulfiling the legal requirements of visas

  • Communicating effectively with the Department of Home Affairs

  • Checking and interpreting visa conditions so you can advise clients on their rights and responsibilities

  • The additional steps to be taken when a visa is granted or denied

1 Point in Substantive Law

12.15pm – 1pm Lunch Break

Client Case Studies

In this session we will undertake a comprehensive examination of two case studies based on common client scenarios. We will provide a simple framework to help you research, formulate and implement a strategy for your client.

1 Point in Substantive Law


A step-by -step guide through the online visa application process:

  • Using ImmiAccount to lodge an application and attach evidence and submission

  • Highlighting technical issues that commonly arise, what they mean, and how to work through them

  • A practical demonstration

1 Point in Professional Skills

Migration Law in the Office

Discussing ethical issues in migration practice:

  • Identifying typical conflicts of interest in migration practice and how to appropriately deal with them

  • Highlighting how confidentiality can be compromised

  • Providing suggestions on how to use effective record keeping and file management to address problems before they arise

1 Point in Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Building Your Business

  • Business development, including how to identify when migration issues may arise in your current areas of practice

  • The ten commandments of migration law practice, to keep you on track after the course

  • Key websites to bookmark when you get back to the office so you have ready access to the right information sources

1 Point in Practice Management and Business Skills