Significant Benefits of Accredited Sponsorship Status

Significant Benefits of Accredited Sponsorship Status

Is Accredited Sponsorship something I should be aware of?

Has your business every sponsored or considered sponsoring an employee for a visa to work in Australia? 

Becoming an approved sponsor is a prerequisite to nominating an employee to work for you on a Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa.  In order to become an approved sponsor an application for either Standard Business Sponsorship or Accredited Sponsorship must be made to the Department of Home Affairs (“DHA”).

Many businesses are familiar with Standard Business Sponsorship but are unaware of the option to obtain Accredited status.  Also, some businesses may incorrectly assume they would not be eligible for Accredited status.

What is the difference between Standard Business Sponsorship and Accredited Sponsorship?

Standard Business Sponsors and Accredited Sponsors are subject to the same sponsorship obligations however, when it comes to nominating skilled workers, Accredited Sponsors enjoy a quicker, more straightforward application process.  

As an Accredited Sponsor, your business can benefit from a significant number of advantages which Standard Business Sponsors cannot access.

What are the benefits of accredited status?

1.     Automatic Priority Processing for all applications

All subclass 482 nomination and visa applications submitted by Accredited Sponsors are awarded Priority Processing status. That is, the processing times are significantly shorter than the processing times for applications lodged by Standard Business Sponsors.  In the majority of cases a visa application linked to an Accredited Sponsor is processed in less than 5 days.

2.     Streamlined processing for certain applications

 “Streamlined processing” enables certain nomination applications made by Accredited Sponsors to be automatically approved by the DHA immediately after application lodgement (that is, within seconds following payment).

3.     Option to provide alternative evidence of character

Obtaining overseas police certificates can be a lengthy process and can give rise to unexpected complications and thus delays. Instead of having to obtain overseas police certificates, visa applicants have the option to provide a reference letter from their Accredited sponsor confirming their good character.

4.     Simplification of Labour Market testing requirements

Finally, Accredited status allows a business to post job advertisements on their website for the purposes of Labour Market Testing - making this usually arduous process simpler and more affordable.

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