Going Green and Beyond

We take our impact on the environment seriously. Here’s how we do it.

Going Green with Carbon Neutrality

At Integrate Legal, we strive towards reducing our carbon footprint and staying aware of how daily operations affect the environment around us. This involves:

  • Being a paperless office. We challenge the notion that all legal work demands piles of paper. We use electronic systems and technology to minimise our reliance on printing and physical documents.

  • Participating in our internal recycling project. We use earth friendly materials throughout the office. We also participate in the responsible disposal of waste with our coffee cup recycle drive with Simply Cups, ink cartridge recycling with Officeworks and soft plastic recycling with REDcycle.

Going Beyond with Conservation

Our office is in the heart of one of Sydney Harbour Federation Trust’s protected heritage locations. Our surroundings orient us towards protecting and conserving the environment. We achieve this by:

  • Participating actively in the conservation efforts. The firm’s Principal and Founder, Rita, is an executive member of Taronga’s Zoofari Committee and the Sydney Harbour Trust’s Community Advisory Committee.

  • Interpreting environmental and heritage values into our commitment to carbon neutrality.

Understanding the value of delicate ecosystems by relying on natural sources of light and air for our office and having desk plants.